When Sinead and Sam decided to tie the knot, they knew their wedding needed to be more than just a ceremony; it had to be an intimate and special celebration of their love that included their nearest and dearest. The beautiful couple from Australia shared a dream of bringing their families together, and what better place than the spectacular Te Puna Point Retreat in Whakamārama, Tauranga?

A Love Story Across the Ditch

With two adorable sausage dogs completing their little family in Australia, their love for each other is evident in every moment they share. They cherish spending quality time together, often with their beloved doggos by their side. When they decided to say their “I-Do’s,” they wanted a venue that felt like home—somewhere serene, beautiful, and, most importantly, inclusive enough for their grandparents and extended family to join the celebrations.

A Glorious Bay of Plenty Venue

Te Puna Point Retreat was a dream come true. Nestled among lush orchards and expansive lawns overlooking the stunning Te Puna waters, this sophisticated venue was the perfect backdrop for their special day. The modern, two-story building features a beautiful pool, providing a space of relaxation and luxury for the wedding party throughout their stay. The location captured the essence of Sinead and Sam’s relationship—elegant yet grounded, intimate yet grand.

The Ceremony: A Tapestry of Emotions

The ceremony was nothing short of magical. As the couple signed their legal documents, Sinead’s sisters serenaded the guests with a heartfelt guitar and song performance. This moment was incredibly special for everyone present, a strong reminder of the deep love and family bonds that brought everyone together.

Sinead and Sam’s wedding was a celebration filled with laughter, tears, and the kind of joy that only happens when two souls truly meant for each other come together. Their love story is a beautiful reminder that home is not a place but a feeling—one that they found in each other and shared with their loved ones on this unforgettable and beautiful day.

The Dream Team

Of course, such a memorable day couldn’t have been possible without an incredible team of vendors. Here’s a list of the wonderful professionals who helped bring Sinead and Sam’s dream wedding to life:

In capturing their special moments, I felt privileged to witness a love so joyous. Sinead and Sam’s wedding was not just an event—it was a testament to the love that binds us, no matter the distance or the obstacles. Congratulations to the happy couple, and here’s to a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and countless memories together.


December 9, 2023

The happy wedding couple share another kiss as they walk down the aisle of their Tauranga celebration. Captured by Eilish Burt Photography.

Sinead & Sam’s Heartfelt Te Puna Point Retreat, Tauranga Wedding

Eilish Burt


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