Sunshine, laughter, and gallops—but with a twist! It’s not a day at the races, but instead Hope and Kasey’s eye-catching engagement and family portrait session that had all the signature feels of a classic love story, the kind that sweeps you off your feet 😍

We got chatting about the perfect spot to frame their story, and that’s when the racecourse galloped (see what I did there?) into the picture. The iconic grounds of Matamata Racecourse was where this gorgeous couple first locked eyes.

Could there be anything more magical than celebrating where their love story trotted its first steps? I think not, and neither did they, as Hope and Kasey jumped at the chance to have their bond documented in the very place it began!

And will she stop with the horse racing puns?… Let’s find out 😏

The Star of the Show… George!

With the lush green of Matamata Racecourse as our canvas, Hope and Kasey, accompanied by wee George (who effortlessly steals the spotlight), wrapped love around them like the most treasured blanket. Little George, who is undoubtedly an epic part of his parents love story’s sequel (and quite literally one of the cutest humans I have ever seen), took to the camera like a duck to water, or should we say horse to track? 😉

You can see the joy radiating from this little family, candid moments that share a glimpse into the happy life they lead together. Hope says it best:

“GET OUT! You are amazing! The ones with George, I am dying! You are honestly SO INCREDIBLE I literally am so obsessed”

*Heart swelling with emotion*

Bringing the Sparkle and Shine

Now, every photo session is unique, but bringing the right props can dial up the pizzazz like nothing else. Talk about sparkle and shine, Hope’s glamorous diamanté gloves and chic white sunglasses brought an extra dimension of gorgeousness to the occasion. Props can be the best way to add variety and a bit of your personality to the mix—so get creative!

A Few Frames of Love

WordPress might need a warning label for high levels of adorableness! From the tightest embraces to George’s infectious giggles stealing the scene, each photograph is intertwined with the golden threads of its own story.

It’s in these moments, that remind us how wondrously photogenic authentic happiness can be. Smiles that speak volumes, love that resonates in silence, and future memories that will be cherished for lifetimes!

Feeling inspired for your session? Want to make memories that make your heart skip a beat (or do a full-on somersault)? Just like Hope, Kasey, and George, your story deserves the picture-perfect backdrop and the “oh-wow” factor, so why not follow in their footsteps—or hoofprints? (Can’t stop, won’t stop!)

Reach out, and together, we’ll find that perfect setting, sprinkled with your unique magic, for a photo session that’s less lights, camera, action, and more love, laughs, and lasting memories. Eilish Burt Photography / Contact

Heartfelt thanks to Matamata Racing Club for providing the perfect backdrop for their treasured love story memories. Hope’s gorgeous dress is by Meshki.


December 13, 2023

A vintage engagement session at Matamata Racing Club

A Gallop Down Memory Lane: Hope, Kasey, and Little George’s Photo Session at Matamata Racecourse

Eilish Burt


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