Beneath the big blue sky, the shores of Lake Ōkareka played host to a truly special event for an awesome couple. Hayley and Cam Janes embarked on the biggest adventure of their lives—but fate had its own quirky sense of humour! 🌊💍

Imagine this: Hayley Jones marries Cam Janes. That’s right, the universe conspired, and all it demanded was a change of a single alphabet in her last name. If you’re not hearing wedding bells ringing destiny, you might need to go check that damn doorbell!

The Thrilling Escape

Hayley and Cam chose the beautiful shores of Lake Ōkareka, a canvas of art by nature, where some of their past visits encouraged their love to blossom. The ceremony was nothing short of magical; as they exchanged their vows, the glistening sun danced across the rippling lake 🚤💖

Post-vows, in a moment straight out of a luxe travel brochure, we whisked away from the shore aboard boats. You couldn’t wipe the excitement off my face! We were headed for a secluded spot, a private haven for capturing their first moments as a married couple. The boat ride, comparable to an elegant an epic sail along the Amalfi Coast, provided the perfect blend of adventure and romance. A wedding photographers dream!

New Beginnings at Home

What followed was an intimate reception nestled within the newlyweds’ new home, just a stone’s throw from Lake Ōkareka. The couple welcomed their guests into their new abode for a fun evening ahead. Amongst the echoes of laughter and the rhythmic chinking of glasses, the setting sun cast a beautiful golden blanket on the celebration. Under the twinkling festoon lights, surrounded by loved ones and relishing in the glow of new beginnings—Hayley and Cam couldn’t of asked for a better day!

Magic Makers of the Day

Now, a standing ovation for the dream team who helped bring their day together! Kudos to Lulu Jackson Bridal who designed a dress that looked as though it was made for Hayley. Thank you to Working Style whose stylish touch dressed our groom to the nines.

A thank you to the lovely Emma at Sweet Stems—the florist who created one of the most beautiful bouquets I had ever seen, and a big thank you to Married by Georgia May—whose words were especially meaningful for her friends she got to marry.

Sparkling like the lake itself were the gorgeous pieces from Meadowlark and Guys Gold; I especially loved Cam’s epic signet ring—a timeless gold piece! The stunning bridal makeup was artfully done by Desiree from Lipstick and Co. Our tastebuds salivated from the yummy wood fire pizza made by Food By Wild Wood Fire. While Petra Galler tried (and succeeded) to churn my self-restraint when capturing her delicious Butter Butter Cake creation.

And last but not least—vintage, film wedding photography by myself Eilish Burt Photography

Planning Your Dream Wedding? 💞

To Hayley and Cam, as you sail through this next chapter in your lives, may your path be filled with the same joy, love, and laughter that was felt on your wedding day. Here’s to the change of a letter, to adventures anew, and to love stories that inspire a lifetime of happiness.

And to you, my gorgeous reader, dreaming of a day equally enchanting, remember, it’s all about the love, the people, and finding those spots where your heart feels most at home. Could there be a place waiting to be woven into your love story, much like Lake Ōkareka did for Hayley and Cam? ✨💕

I’m excited to find out, let’s go!


November 10, 2023

A wedding couple got married on their boat in Lake Okareka, Rotorua

A Day of Destiny and Delight: Hayley & Cam’s Lake Ōkareka, Rotorua Wedding

Eilish Burt


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