The surprise that set two hearts on an unforgettable dance – this was the setting where Inna and David chose to take their love story to heights as spectacular as the Muriwai Cliffs themselves!

There they were, just scrolling through their Instagram feed, not knowing what they’d find… when – bam! – my collection of heart-stirring images caught their eyes. “As soon as we saw your photos, both of us said ‘that’s what we want’ your works perfectly match our preference for the photo” – wrote Inna and David in their email to me. We chatted, we planned, and just like that, we were counting down days to their photo shoot turned fairy-tale proposal.

Here’s How It All Unfolded

Inna and David had a flight to their motherland, South Korea, fluttering on the horizon. The rush was real, but so were the raw emotions they wanted to capture in their photos 😮‍💨 They envisioned a session that would authentically narrate their personal story in its most genuine form, and I was up for spinning the narrative with them!

Though, we all know how unpredictable the Auckland weather can be, but we were lucky to have the beaming sun present during the whole session (which is exactly what we needed). Our session started amongst trees. The golden hour worked its magic and created a stunning backlit scene that streamed through the trees.

And then… the knee drop heard ’round the world! Or at least, it felt that grand. David, in a move smoother than the ocean itself, popped the question. And heck, if Inna’s joy could have been bottled, we’d all be drunk on happiness. With a gorgeous piece from Tiffany & Co. that sparkled like a star plucked straight from the night sky, they were officially engaged!

We couldn’t just call it a wrap there, heck no! With excitement fizzing around us, we ventured to the majestic Muriwai Cliffs. They say good things come in pairs, and this cliff-edged encore was as mesmerising as the proposal 😍

And that’s how a day destined for photos became a canvas for their love story, painting every frame with a generous amount of laughter and tears. I was just there snapping away, getting all giddy behind the lens capturing those can’t-make-this-up moments and thinking of how EPIC the gram was going to look – haha!

Tips for Your Sneaky Sneaky Surprise Proposal at Muriwai Beach (or any location for that matter)

  • Tip #1: Check the Weather – Nothing rains on a proposal parade quite like, well, actual rain. But if it does, make sure you have a cute umbrella (the clear ones are ideal: Clear Dome Umbrella, Kmart) on hand for a cozy, impromptu shelter.
  • Tip #2: Timing Is Everything – Aim for the golden hour or blue hour (sunrise), if you’re after next-level romance inspired portraits! That sun won’t wait for anyone, and neither will the perfect moment 💘
  • Tip #3: Go Incognito with the Ring – Hide it well; be clever because us ladies are onto it! Make sure even a pickpocket couldn’t find it!
  • Tip #4: The Element of Surprise – It’s like a jack-in-the-box, only it’s a ring, and there’s love instead of a scary clown. Keep it hush until the moment’s right.
  • Tip #5: Hire A Photographer Who Gets You – Shameless plug? Hell yes. But seriously, these moments are once-in-a-lifetime, and you’ll want someone who vibes with your soul’s song to capture them.

To all you lovebirds out there thinking about a surprise engagement – take it from this joy-filled evening – it’s about the heart-fluttering spontaneity, the soul-connecting spot, and the weeping-with-joy photographer who gets it all on camera.

Inna and David, here’s to your next chapter! May it be as wild, beautiful, and picture-perfect as your proposal. Cheers to love that’s as deep and vast as the ocean views from Muriwai’s cliffs!

Planning your own cliff-hanging proposal? Hit me up through the contact page and let’s chat about your vision!


February 16, 2024

Vintage black and white portrait of a wedding couple at Muriwai Beach in Auckland

From Photo Session to Surprise Proposal at Muriwai Beach, Auckland: The Unfolding of Inna and David’s Love Story

Eilish Burt


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