It’s not every day you get to photograph a wedding that feels like it’s straight out of a dreamy Italian or South of France postcard. I had the absolute pleasure of capturing a stunning celebration at a beautiful private property in Ohakune, New Zealand—one that will forever be etched in my memory 😍

The Venue: A European Escape

Nestled in the outskirts of Ohakune, the venue was a stunning Italian/French-inspired estate that could easily make you forget you were in New Zealand. A grand wooden front door surrounded by lush green vines climbing up its sides. The door is complemented by clay-based walls in a beige and slight peach colour, and dark tiles that sync up perfectly. This charming backdrop provided the perfect setting where the couple had first gotten engaged, making their “I Do’s” all the more meaningful.

The Gowns: A Fashion Statement

The bride walked down the stairs in a breathtaking, bespoke gown designed by her incredibly talented brother, Benjamin Alexander. Benjamin, a renowned clothing designer from Auckland, poured his heart and soul into not just 1 but 3 these creations for his sisters special day, ensuring each piece was a work of art. The first gown was a classic white dress, exuding timeless elegance. As the day unfolded, the bride changed into a more contemporary piece for the reception, and finally, a third gown that perfectly captured the festive spirit of the evening.

In a touching tribute, Benjamin also crafted four boutonnières from their mother’s wedding gown. These keepsake pieces decorated the groom, the groomsmen, and Benjamin himself, serving as a heartfelt ode to their parents’ special day.

Capturing the Magic

Photographing this wedding was an absolute joy. The Italian/French-inspired architecture and lush gardens provided endless opportunities for capturing those special moments. From candid shots of laughter and tears during the speeches to the intricate details of the bridal gowns and boutonnières, every frame I feel truly told their story of love, family, and timeless elegance. Their special day left me damn inspired! The styling was impeccable (beautiful job, Benjamin), and the execution was top-notch. Kudos to you all! 🎉✨

Inspiration for Your Own Destination Wedding

For those considering a destination wedding, the charm and luxury of this Italian-inspired venue in Ohakune, New Zealand, serve as a perfect example of how to create an unforgettable experience. It’s a testament to how love, combined with thoughtful details and stunning surroundings, can create a day that’s as beautiful as it is memorable.

Whether you’re a travel lover, a wedding enthusiast, an engaged couple, or someone who simply loves the finer things in life, this wedding was a true celebration of love, style, and family heritage. It was an honour to be part of such a magical day, and I hope this glimpse into their special moment inspires you as much as it inspired me!

Looking to Capture Your Own Special Day?

If you’re planning your own luxury or destination wedding and want to ensure every magical moment is captured beautifully, I’d love to be part of your journey. Reach out to me for more information, and let’s make your dream wedding a reality! 😍

For those inspired by Alishia and Harry’s stunning celebration, here are the talented vendors who helped made this day unforgettable:


January 27, 2024

A Dreamy French-Inspired Wedding in Ohakune, New Zealand

Eilish Burt


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