Queenstown, New Zealand is often celebrated for its stunning natural beauty, making it a top choice for couples looking for a breathtaking wedding backdrop 😍 Recently, I had the ultimate pleasure of photographing a Queenstown wedding that was both adventurous and intimate, filled with moments I’ll never ever forget!

A Helicopter Ride to Forever: An Unforgettable Ceremony on Mount Creighton

The day began with a super exhilarating helicopter ride to the top of Mount Creighton. The bride and groom, Lydia and Oscar, chose to have a private ceremony with their immediate family. We were surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views I’d ever witnessed β€” overlooking the stunning Lake Wakatipu. Perched high above the world, the setting felt almost otherworldly! The blue waters of the lake, contrasted against the rugged mountain terrain, created a stunning backdrop for their vows. It was a surreal experience, a perfect blend of serenity and glory! ✨

An Exclusive Photo Shoot at Lake Isobel

Following the beautiful ceremony, the immediate family was flown back to the reception, while Oscar, Lydia, Stan the videographer and I were taken on another aerial adventure. Our next stop? An exclusive, secluded spot near the crater lake, Lake Isobel, nestled within the Mount Crichton mountain range. The scenery was beyond words β€” imagine untouched and pristine waters encased by the striking ruggedness of snowy-capped mountains. Capturing their love in such an amazing location was a photographer’s dream come true! I felt like I was in a photographer’s paradise!

Reception Overlooking the Shotover River

Our final helicopter descent brought us to the groom’s father’s property, a place that held a lot of personal history for Oscar. The reception venue was nothing short of spectacular, offering private views of the Shotover River. As we landed, the remaining guests were there to greet us, their faces beamed with joy and anticipation for the bride and groom to step out of the helicopter. It was the perfect setting for a celebration of their love, family coming together and new beginnings!

Unique Touches and Entertainment

One of the standout features of the reception was the unique entertainment provided during cocktail hour. The bride and groom arranged for laser clay bird shooting, an activity that added a very fun twist to the festivities. Guests mingled and laughed, enjoying the novelty and excitement of the activity, which perfectly complemented the adventurous spirit of the day!

Another beautiful and effective feature worth highlighting was the stand-alone bar under the couples’ reception marquee. It created an effortlessly sleek and highly functional setup, allowing the bartenders to work comfortably and efficiently! This unique feature is all thanks to the clever team at Flock Events.

Honouring the Talented Vendors

A wedding as unforgettable as this wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and talent of some incredible vendors. Here’s a list of the talented individuals and companies who helped bring Lydia and Oscar’s dream wedding to life:

Each vendor played a major role in ensuring the day was as flawless and magical as the couple envisioned. 🌟

A Final Note

Photographing Lydia and Oscar’s Queenstown wedding was not just a job; it was an adventure that reminded me why I love what I do. The combination of stunning locations, intimate moments, and unique experiences created an unreal combination of memories that will last a lifetime.

For those dreaming of a New Zealand destination wedding, Queenstown offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventurous spirit. Whether you’re an engaged couple seeking inspiration or a wedding enthusiast looking to relive magical moments, I hope Lydia and Oscar’s story fills you with as much joy and wonder as it did for me!

Ready to embark on your own adventure wedding? Let’s capture your love story against the breathtaking landscapes of Queenstown. Contact me today to start planning your unforgettable day! 😍


March 23, 2024

Destination wedding in Queenstown captured by Eilish Burt Photography

Capturing the Magic: A Queenstown Wedding Adventure

Eilish Burt


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