Embracing self empowerment is essential for boosting our self-confidence, improving our mental well-being, and celebrating our individuality. One unique and fun way to manifest this personal empowerment is through a self empowerment photo session. This blog post explores the incredible benefits of an empowering photo shoot, particularly one that revolves around a cowgirl theme, featuring the gorgeous horse-lover Emmalee, her high school sweetheart James, and her beloved horse, Sparky.

The Power of Self Empowerment Photography

Self empowerment photo sessions are a unique and exhilarating way to boost your self-confidence and release your inhibitions. These photos provide visual testimony to your inner strength, resilience, and personal growth.

By using photography as a dedicated moment to express and celebrate your authentic self, you create a beautiful reminder of your achievements and the progress you’ve made in your journey toward self-discovery. These sessions allow you to express and explore different aspects of your personality, providing a platform to stretch your creative boundaries while making a solid commitment to nurturing your self-love 🥰

Embracing that Cowgirl Spirit

For horse lovers like Emmalee, a cowgirl-themed photo session can be the perfect way to merge your passion for horses with your journey toward self-empowerment. Cowgirl culture is synonymous with independence, strength, and tenacity, making it an ideal theme for those looking to channel these qualities in their photos.

Whether you’re decked out in classic cowgirl attire or simply embracing the spirit of the cowgirl through the horse-inspired setting adds an essence of adventure and freedom that only amplifies the empowering nature of this type of session! It all just ties in so beautifully!

Incorporating Your Horse in the Session:

It’s important to remember that including your horse in your empowerment photo session can make the experience even more personalised and enjoyable. As one of the most beloved members of your family, these majestic animals will add an intriguing dynamic to your photographs – truly making them one-of-a-kind!

Here are a few tips for incorporating your horse in your photo session:

  • Safety first: Make sure both you and your horse are comfortable and familiar with the environment in which the session will be taking place.
  • Mood and connection: Capturing the beautiful connection between you and your horse is my biggest goal. I will give you prompts to work with that will really bring out the bond you two share.
  • Action: Including a few shots of you and your horse in action (bareback rides through the long grass) is key for creating the dynamic portraits we want. This will add so much variety and excitement to your photo collection!

The Story of Emmalee, James, and Sparky

Emmalee and James are living proof that high school sweethearts can stand the test of time. Their inspiring love story adds an extra layer of sweetness to their empowering portrait session, showcasing their unwavering support for one another as they find strength and fulfillment in their relationship.

Their commitment to pursuing personal growth, self-empowerment, and a shared passion for horses is perfectly embodied in this photo session where they’re able to express their unique partnership, united in love and self-discovery 🥰

Let’s Create Your Empowerment Legacy

In conclusion, a self empowerment photo session has the power to significantly uplift your self-confidence and create a visual testament to your personal growth journey. Whether your goal is to gain more self-confidence, or to create a way to commemorate your growth and progress in life, I can help you make lasting beautiful memories of the experience. I look forward to helping you capture these very special moments in your life.


February 6, 2023

A portrait of a girl riding her horse bareback in Whakatane by Eilish Burt Photography

Empowerment + Couple Portrait, Whakatane – Emmalee, James + Sparky

Eilish Burt


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