As a parent, there is nothing better than watching your family grow and documenting each moment along the way. In this blog post, I’m going to dive into the significance of family portraits and why parks in Auckland are one of the best settings for capturing memories to last a lifetime.

Why Documenting Your Family Portraits Is Essential

There are numerous reasons why you should regularly update your family portraits, and here are a few of them:

  • Capturing milestones: It’s important to document your family growing and evolving. This could be the birth of a new family member or your child graduating kindergarten. These moments are so precious and deserve to be immortalised 🙂
  • Creating a family legacy: Family portraits leave a strong history for future generations to look back on, creating a story of your family’s journey. It’s something that can be handed down for generations, keeping your family’s memory alive!

Parks in Auckland: A Very Convenient Location for Family Portraits

Having your family portraits taken at a park in Auckland comes with various benefits, including:

  • Public Toilets: With public toilets being available in parks across Auckland, there’s no need to worry about your children urgently stating that nature is calling during your portrait session.
  • Spacious Play Area: Parks in Auckland are renowned for vast open spaces, playgrounds, and picnic spots, providing plenty of room for the whole family to relax and have fun before, during, and after the shoot.
  • Natural Beauty: Having your family portraits captured in parks allows us to utilise the natural beauty surrounding you.

The Timeless Appeal of Film-Photography-Style Portraits

There is just something about film-photography-style portraits that make them stand out above others:

  • Aesthetic: Film portraits possess a distinct look, capturing a timeless and nostalgic essence in each frame. This aesthetic elevates your family portraits, creating a classic and beautiful piece of art.
  • Emotion: Film photography I feel tends to evoke more emotion in each photo, highlighting the genuine connections and love between you and your family members!
  • Uniqueness: In the digital age, film-photography-style portraits present a delightful departure from digital perfection, really emphasising the raw authenticity of your family moments which is what it is all about for me 🙂

Wrapping Up

Family portraits are essential in documenting your family’s growth and preserving a rich history for generations to come. By opting for parks in Auckland as your preferred setting, you can make your photo sessions more convenient, fun, and aesthetically appealing. And don’t forget the unique charm of film-photography-style portraits that breathe absolute life into your family memories.

So gather your loved ones and lets head to a park near you for a family portrait session. I will capture the essence of your family and leave you with lasting memories to treasure 🥰


February 6, 2023

A film portrait of daughter breastfeeding from her mum in Auckland by Eilish Burt Photography

Family Portrait, Auckland – Danni, June + Olive

Eilish Burt


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