Say goodbye to the boring old headshots in front of a white wall – those days are GONE!

Let me truly show you how we can spice those beautiful portraits UP and turn them into something that is modern and creative for women in business!

It takes a lot of time and energy to set up and perfect a business you are proud of! So why not truly resemble this through your portraits? This is a really important part to the recipe that is ‘Creating Enticing Branding Content That Will Leave Your Viewers Wanting To Know More!’.

A real key note of all of this for me however is truly understanding YOU as a business owner and person. I want to really understand the message you are aiming to convey to your target audience because without this knowledge I would not be able to truly represent you through my imagery. I need to know all of the details to what it is you are after. The message you are trying to get across and the story you are trying to convey!

If you are wanting images that are stale, looking blankly at the camera with a stiff smile. Then you won’t want me to document these images for you. BUT if you are after images that show personality, flavour and SPICE… Then I am who you need. I want to capture your audience’s attention through raw portraits that will show your viewers immediately the kind of person and business you are!


  • TIP ONE:

Trust me. Trust in my ability that I will get the images of you with that beautiful and natural emotion. Loosen up your body and follow my lead. I will direct you where I see fit and the rest will follow.

  • TIP TWO:

Bring a range of clothing. I want you to make the MOST out of your time with me. So bringing different outfits to your session is a must because this will provide a variety of content, a selection for you to choose from and use for your website, social media and any other use you may need it for!


Have fun!!! When was the last time you would have had professional photographs done of yourself? Last year? 10 years ago? Never!? Let’s document you in all of your glory NOW. And let’s show those people everything you’re made of and what you can do for THEM as a service provider. Woohoo!

Lastly, Your Business/Branding Content And Why It Is Important:

This is where we can show your target audience your space and studio. This is where we can add more to your Business Branding story as this will allow for your clients/future clients to really envision what it would be like working with you! This is another key part to successful branding photographs. This will put more of an image in your viewers brains as to what you are all about!

I hope you enjoyed this insight to your Business Headshots and Content Photoshoot.

“Eilish recently conducted a professional brand portrait shoot for my business and WOW, this girl knows what she is doing! I chose to work with Eilish because I loved her unique style of photography. I wanted my brand portraits to capture my personality and engage my audience. It was important to me to have something that represented my business that stood apart from the traditional corporate headshots (you know the ones, against a white wall, arms folded). I wanted something that told the story of me and helped my customers connect emotionally with me as the face behind the brand. Eilish completely DELIVERED. I am so proud of my brand photos, the encapsulate everything that is my business and myself, relaxed, down to earth yet professional. Thank you Eilish!”

– Adria Green, Grahn Creative

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October 23, 2022

a natural headshot of a girl in a field by eilish burt photography

Creative And Modern Business Portraits for Women

Eilish Burt


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