Engagement photos are a special way to capture the love and joy of being engaged. From New Zealand to destination weddings all over the world, couples want their engagement photos to be unique and memorable.

But how can they make sure that they get the most out of their engagement session? That’s where professional photographer Eilish Burt comes in!

You’ve said yes and now you’re ready to plan your engagement photos. You’re looking for a photographer who will be able to capture the beauty, romance, and excitement of this special moment in your life. Well, look no further—Eilish Burt has all the skills and experience necessary to create beautiful photos from your engagement session that you will treasure forever.

With Eilish’s expert guidance, she can help you create beautiful engagement photos that will last a lifetime. In this article we’ll look at tips for getting the best out of your engagement photo session, from choosing a theme or location to creating the perfect mood for your photos. We’ll also discuss why hiring a professional photographer like Eilish is essential for capturing these special moments in time so that you can cherish them forever. Let’s get started!

Why Choose Eilish?

For engaged couples all over New Zealand and the world, capturing their unforgettable moments in time with beautiful engagement photos is a must. But it can be difficult to know how to make those photos truly memorable. Fortunately, as a professional photographer I have the expertise and experience needed to help you create stunning engagement photos that will last a lifetime.

I have a creative eye and artistic flair and I can help capture your unique love story with timeless images that show off your personalities in an unforgettable way. Whether you are getting married nearby or going on an adventure for your destination wedding, my passion for photography will ensure that your engagement photos are as special as your big day – showcasing your love story in an unreal way!

But What About My Style?

Well, if you’re looking for someone who can capture the unique elements of your relationship with a sense of wacky fun, then look no further than me! I am known for my quirkiness and ability to bring out the best in people—Whether it’s silly poses or candid moments shared between two lovers, I will definitely make your engagement images look amazing. I pride myself on having an eye for detail; because to me, those small details are what make up the big picture! So rest-assured, I won’t ever be missing a moment 🙂

I like to think of the style as being very Vintage Cinematic with a ‘film-esque’ vibe. I am all about the raw moments being documented in a timeless way… I like my clients to look at their portraits and think they have just featured in their own romance film. And this is how I curate my portrait sessions too. I will lead with prompts and then keep an eye on the in-between moments. Because this is where the magic always is!!!

What Sets Me Apart From Other Photographers?

My ability to capture “the now.” I understand that this moment in time is special and fleeting, which is why I strive to capture each couple as they are right now—in this very moment. The result? Engagement portraits that tell stories and evoke emotions long after they’ve been taken.

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable days of your life but the proposal should be treated the exact same way. There will only ever be one time in your life that you will get down on one knee, so organise to have your stealthy wedding and engagement photographer to sit in the bushed and photograph the unfolding of this incredible memory.

As a professional photographer I will be able to guide you through the entire process. From prompting you with the best and most natural poses, to helping you choose which outfits would look best for your session and which props you should bring along (fedora/sun hats, sunglasses etc) to finally choosing the ideal location or theme for your engagement portraits.

I will also be able to suggest creative ideas that you may not have considered, giving your images a touch of extra personality and charm that would make your beautiful candids stand out and be different from the rest (which is my aim).

Choosing Your Location And Why It Is Very Important

When it comes to choosing a theme or location for your engagement portraits, it is important to choose something that best reflects you as a couple. After all, this is about capturing the special moments of your relationship in its most beautiful form. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a theme for your engagement images, here is a tip to help you make the right choice:

Choose a setting that resonates with the both of you. Your engagement shoot should be meaningful and personal, so consider places or themes that have significance in your relationship or represent who you are as a couple. This could be anything from visiting your favourite beach spot in the Bay Of Plenty to taking pictures at the place where you first met, wherever that may be! Whatever area you choose should evoke warm memories. It’s not all about how extraordinary the backdrop is but instead the unique and magic love stories that are captured accurately and documented truly personal to the couple.

Consider The Season And Time Of Day

When planning your engagement photo session it’s always nice to think about what time of year and day may best represent you two as a couple. Of course I am going to always recommend the evening and early morning light as the best time of day to document your images but a specific season could remind you of some strong and pleasurable memories that would make your pictures that bit more special.

For instance, if you met on the ski slope in Cadrona during wintertime, then let’s go on a mission to the mountain and photograph some unreal and memorable scenes! Likewise, if you’re planning on having your session during summertime, then try and pick out the locations that evoke those core memories of your relationship and when it truly blossomed! Perhaps at a batch on Summer holiday down the coast with mutual friends is where you first got to know each other really well?

Hire The Professional’s | Designer Dress Rental Company – ‘The Borrowed Collective’

If needed, hire a professional stylist for an extra touch of glamour – this could be anything from getting props like vintage cars to renting out designer dresses for the occasion! Professional stylists know how to create a certain mood within images by adding subtle details such as accessories and clothes that perfectly match up with the chosen theme or location – without overshadowing either one!

I photographed ‘look-book’ content for Ashleigh at The Borrowed Collective back in 2018 and absolutely LOVED what she was all about. She offers young women the chance to rent beautiful, designer brands at a fraction of the cost. She has an amazing team behind her and has only flourished since our first shoot together. The Borrowed Collective is a company I would recommend to any one of my clients who are wanting to model the show-stopper gowns, making for extraordinary portraits. Here is what Ashleigh from TBC had to say:

“I’m Ashleigh & I’ve run TBC for coming up to 7 years now (eeek).

The idea of a dress hire company came about by accident through a project at University many moons ago. We had to come up with a hypothetical company, back when dress hire was unheard of in New Zealand and thought this would solve all of our student budget, designer dress taste issues! After testing the idea through a social media marketplace, we saw there was a huge need for it at the time and the rest is history!

Over the last 6 years we’ve dressed thousands of ladies for school balls, races, 21st’s, work cocktail parties, first dates, engagement parties, hens dos and weddings! The idea of a rental service offering designer dresses at a fraction of the price as a money saver hack has evolved into a community of conscious shoppers who want to look and feel amazing without making any compromises.

At TBC we have this idea of a “revolving wardrobe”. Owning a “capsule wardrobe” of items you love that you wear time and time again. But for those extra special moments, borrowing something from your “revolving wardrobe” where you’ll always find something new to wear – buying less and wearing more!

Each year, we’re seeing more and more NZ women wanting to lean into the sharing economy and weddings are the ideal place to start as we all know how stressful and costly your special day can be! Renting a dress for your engagement shoot, hens dos or bridesmaid dresses are such a fun and sustainable way to sparkle in the lead up to your special day!”

– Ashleigh, The Borrowed Collective


Business portrait taken by Eilish Burt Photography of Ashleigh and her team at The Borrowed Collective

I am an experienced professional Engagement Wedding Photographer who has dedicated my life to capturing the most special and beautiful moments of my clients’ relationships in the finest of detail.

I have an eye for finding the perfect combination of light, composition, and emotion in each photograph I take, which results in truly timeless images that capture all the warmth and intimacy of a couple’s connection.

I also pride myself on my ability to be flexible and creative in order to deliver unique images tailored specifically to your needs and desires. I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your engagement photos are truly one-of-a-kind and that they perfectly reflect who you are as a couple. Because with my years of dedication and experience in capturing real people and their candid moments, I know I will be the perfect choice when it comes to documenting your precious memories so that they can be live forever!


September 23, 2022

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Planning Your Engagement Photos? Look No Further Than Eilish Burt Photography

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