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Pregnancy is an incredible journey, and what better way to celebrate the beauty of it than with a one-of-a-kind maternity photoshoot? It’s a unique opportunity to capture the love, emotions, and anticipation of welcoming your little one. I recently had the pleasure of documenting a stunning maternity session for Savannah, Cam and their bump on the picturesque beach in Papamoa.

The experience was so much fun and engaging. A session I won’t forget! So, let’s dive into the importance of a beach maternity photoshoot and why it’s a fantastic idea for future mamas and papas!

The Basics of a Maternity Photoshoot, Papamoa Style

For the uninitiated, let me explain what a maternity photoshoot is. A maternity photoshoot captures and documents the beautiful stages of pregnancy. It’s an intimate, unique way of telling a story, and the photos last a lifetime, making them priceless keepsakes.

Our beach-themed maternity photoshoot in Papamoa had a clear goal: to create a relaxed, loving atmosphere where the expecting couple could showcase their love for each other and their baby bump. I aimed for a free-flowing session, allowing lots of movement and encouraged interaction between the parents-to-be, which resulted in genuinely natural and loving portraits.

Why Maternity Photoshoots Matter to Pregnant Mothers and Fathers

For many expectant parents, seeing and feeling their baby grow and move throughout the pregnancy journey is a priceless and profound experience. That glimpse of the miracle of life is incredibly special and one to be celebrated. Pregnancy only lasts for a few months, and maternity photoshoots capture those moments that may never come again.

Here’s why maternity photoshoots matter:

  1. Self-Expression: Regardless of how comfortable you are in front of the camera, a maternity photoshoot is a form of self-expression. It’s an incredible way to tell your story and document your journey.
  2. Emotional Connection: Maternity sessions like the one conducted in Papamoa create a bonding experience between expecting parents. It brings them closer and strengthens their emotional ties as they prepare to enter this new phase of their lives.
  3. A Unique Keepsake: A well-crafted maternity photoshoot produces artistic photographs that will be cherished forever. Every time you take a glance at those images, you’ll be transported back to that moment in time when you were awaiting your little one’s arrival and creating a visual memoir for generations to come.

A Beach Maternity Photoshoot – For All Levels of Comfort

When it comes to capturing intimate portraits of a pregnant mumma, not everyone feels comfortable showing off their baby bump. During the Papamoa beach maternity photoshoot, Savannah preferred not to have ‘skin portraits’ taken of herself and her bump. However, this didn’t mean we couldn’t still capture intimate images that reflect the connection between her and bump.

Through creative angles, playful prompts, and plenty of movement, we were able to create stunning images that showcased the love and anticipation of the gorgeous Savannah without making anyone feel uncomfortable or exposing too much skin!


February 9, 2023

A mother and father to-be walking down the beach in Papamoa after their maternity photoshoot with Eilish Burt Photography

Maternity Photoshoot, Papamoa – Savannah, Cam + Bump

Eilish Burt


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