Embracing Change and Capturing Love in Unique Wedding Photos

Planning the perfect wedding day can be a stress-inducing experience, especially when Mother Nature has other plans. In today’s blog post, I’ll be discussing the importance of adaptability when it comes to planning your wedding and the gorgeous moments captured during Jarrod and Simon’s special day. I’ll also be sharing some fun and engaging pose prompts for same-sex couples to capture the essence of your love story!

Embrace the unexpected: Jarrod and Simon’s story

Jarrod and Simon originally planned to have their dream wedding at the breathtaking Piha beach in Auckland, New Zealand. Unfortunately, due to recent flooding and the devastation it left on the West Coast, their plans had to change drastically. With their resilience and adaptability, however, they managed to find a hidden gem in the Dairy Flat region of Auckland – a stylish container-styled Tiny Home surrounded by lush greenery! Dreamy!

This unexpected location afforded them a private and picturesque setting for their wedding ceremony, highlighting the importance of being open to change and willing to adapt when planning your big day. Not only did their chosen venue provide a stunning backdrop for their union, but it also gave them the opportunity to create unique and memorable photos that they will treasure forever 🥰

Capturing love: Pose prompts for same-sex couples

As a wedding photographer, my job is not only to capture the emotion and love of the couple on their special day, but also to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for them. This can be especially important for same-sex couples, as they might be looking for pose prompts that feel genuine and true to their relationship dynamics.

Here are some of my favourite pose prompts which were used during Jarrod and Simon’s Dairy Flat wedding shoot:

  1. Run up behind them and give them a huge hug: Bring out the spontaneity and excitement of your love by capturing a candid moment of one partner surprising the other with an affectionate and huge hug from behind. This prompt is perfect for showcasing the playfulness and joy in your relationship.
  2. Hold their hand and lead them through the field: A pose that speaks to the journey you both are embarking on together. Walking hand-in-hand can symbolise the support and trust between you two, while leading one another showcases a balance of power and vulnerability in your relationship.
  3. Face each other and hold one another: Sometimes, the most powerful images are captured in moments of calm intimacy. By facing one another and holding each other’s hands or wrapping your arms around your partner, you can showcase the deep bond and love that you share.

These poses not only allowed me to create beautiful and authentic images of Jarrod and Simon’s love story; they also emphasise the importance of finding that photographer who understands and respects the unique dynamics of same-sex relationships!

The debate: Are traditional wedding poses still relevant?

As society continues to shift and become more accepting of diverse relationships, it is not uncommon to find people questioning the relevance of traditional wedding poses for all couples, including same-sex couples. Some argue that sticking to familiar poses can provide a sense of comfort and security, while others believe that representation and authenticity should be prioritised in capturing love stories. I believe both styles hold their own value. For myself, I represent authenticity in my shooting style. However, the traditional poses are important too when capturing moments that the grandparents will appreciate and enjoy 😉

In my opinion, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to wedding photography. But it is crucial to engage in open communication with your photographer so she/he who is documenting your day does it in a way that best represents you as a couple 🤎


Suits: Laura Chittock – friend

Buttonholes: Flower On The Hilltop

Celebrant: Kirsti – Red Alert – friend

Venue: Private Property

Cake: Lauren – friend

Caterer: Spit Roast


February 23, 2023

same sex couple sharing their first kiss as husband and husband in Auckland by Eilish Burt Photography

Dairy Flat, Auckland Wedding – Jarrod + Simon

Eilish Burt


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