Find Here, Some Innovate Ways To Put A Personal Touch On Your Special Day

You’re Engaged and Have Started Planning Your Wedding – That’s Exciting! But What Should You do to Make Your Wedding Really Stand Out From The Crowd?

Keep Reading to Discover the 10 Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable 🙂

Personalising your wedding day is super important for two key reasons. Firstly, it allows you to create an atmosphere that reflects your unique style and personality as a couple. Secondly, it’s a way for your wedding guests to truly understand what it is that has brought you both together.

This is the one day that you can make all about the celebration of your love. It lets you show off the things that make you, YOU. It also helps everyone attending to feel like they are part of something special and helps bring them together in one place. It sets the tone for everyone attending, providing a great opportunity to bring all of your closest friends and family together in one place… your magical wedding day.

When personalising your big day, it’s important to think outside the box. By taking a creative and innovative approach to designing and organising your big day you can create a memorable event with lasting impact. With so many different possibilities it’s easy to get stuck in the same old traps and recreate the same generic weddings time and time again.

You want your wedding to stand out, to be memorable! Fitting in and doing what everyone else has done on their special day is boring. We can do BETTER!

So let’s start brainstorming on our unique wedding ideas…

Have a Signature Cocktail

What better way to add a personal touch than by creating your own signature cocktail? This can be served as a welcome drink when guests arrive or even replace traditional champagne for the toast. You can even name it after yourselves or one of your those cheesy nicknames for each other. Hehe, so cute!

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Disposable Camera

Having a disposable camera at your wedding adds an element of authenticity to the event. Unlike a digital device, images from a disposable camera can’t be instantly seen.

This encourages guests to take creative risks and capture unique perspectives that you don’t usually see with digital cameras. Plus, disposables provide each guest with the opportunity to contribute to your wedding album in their own meaningful way, making it even more precious! Polaroid cameras are cool too but they are also much more expensive and can be very small in size which may not be as appealing for some people or fit into all budgets.

Disposable cameras offer up a great option that still feels special without breaking the bank!

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Customised Wedding Favours

Everyone loves wedding favours, so why not make them unique? Consider customising them with your initials or sharing something of yourself, such as photos of you both as kids or maybe even little jars of honey from the local farm nearby. The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few ideas as a fun way to spice up those wedding favours:

1. Printed handkerchiefs featuring your initials and wedding date

2. Personalised mason jars with custom labels

3. Personalised glasses for wine, champagne or cocktails

4. Plantable seed packets as gifts for guests to grow their own flowers at home

5. Customised cookie cutters as keepsakes for guests

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“After the Tone” Guest Book

A traditional wedding guest book is a great way to freeze memories and messages from your guests, however, having voice recordings as part of your guest book can be even more special and a keepsake that you can listen to for the rest of your life. Not only does it make your wedding day more unique and memorable, but it also adds an extra level of personalisation to the day.

With an ‘After the Tone’ guest book, you can capture more than just those written messages and signatures from your guests – instead, gather each individuals voices that you chose to be their on your special day! Adding a HUGE layer of sentimentality and memorability to your event.

And I don’t mean to be morbid here or point out the obvious, but some of your treasured guests may leave this life and how damn beautiful would it be to have a gorgeous recording of their voice saying how much they love you and how happy they are for you both.

This is a unique wedding idea that you won’t ever regret!

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Hayley – Written NZ

This weeks blog feature is someone I know who could add a serious element of pizazz and uniqueness to your wedding day is Hayley from Written NZ. She is a calligraphy and engraving specialist and has helped many kiwis turn their wedding into a captivating affair. Her approachable style combined with her unique touch will ensure that your special day stands out from the rest!

She is a master at providing customised menus, seating charts, place settings, table numbers and other signage around your wedding venue. Plus her eye for detail is simply stunning.

To learn more about Hayley and the service she provides please take a read at what she has to say. You will also find her website link below if you wish to secure her amazing craft for your special day!

“Hi I’m Hayley, a calligrapher and engraver artist behind “Written”. Yes that’s right, I draw/write/paint and engrave letters 🙂 Calligraphy has always been a part of my childhood and that’s how I reconnect with myself with where I came from (Vietnam).

I started “Written” back in 2020 with a vision of “ bringing the lost art of calligraphy to the modern world”. As a child, I was always obsessed with crafts, and stationery and it definitely had a big influence on anything I do.

At Written, it’s all about reconnecting human connection with hand-written words. I offer my calligraphy & engraving services not only for Wedding Industry but also Businesses and Brands, it’s where Hand-written words connects one to another and connects a brand to its audience.

When it comes to Weddings, my creativity is endless, from Engraved Glass Jewellery Box filled with flowers to a hand-painted bridal jacket. It’s not only about the art but also the meaning behind every creation. It’s because once your wedding is over, the memory of your wedding is one of the few things you will capture for a lifetime, not only by the bride and groom but all the family & friends that attended.

Calligraphy & Engraving is like a fingerprint or voice that will be still preserved and touch a person’s soul for a lifetime. It helps to connect your guests and feel personally involved in your love. Engraving your treasured keepsake of the day to create heirlooms to be treasured by not only the couples but generations to come.

That is the power of calligraphy.”

-Hayley, Written NZ

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Create A Memory Wall

A memory wall is an area that showcases photos from both couples’ childhood as well as photos taken together throughout the years leading up to the big day. It serves as a reminder that this day wasn’t just about two people getting married but rather two families uniting for one incredible celebration! Not to mention, it’s also a great conversation starter for your guests who may not know each other.

You could create this memory wall with photos printed on paper or board and hung up in the reception area, framed prints or even polaroid snaps pinned up to string with fairy lights!

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Curved Or ‘S’ Bend Reception Tables

Having curved or S-Bend tables at your wedding can be incredibly beneficial for your guests in terms of interaction, as it encourages them to engage and mingle with one another. Curved tables create a more organic feel that allows guests to have full conversations without interruption, as compared to traditional rectangular tables. This is because rounded tables allow for increased visual engagement, meaning guests can see one another more clearly.

Not only are curved tables perfect for fostering conversations, but they also add a layer of sophistication to your wedding that will have your guests talking about it long after the event has ended!

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Your MC Interviews Your Wedding Guests

Having an MC interview your guests during the wedding reception can be an incredibly fun and a very cool wedding idea that allows you to capture the warmth, love and joy of your closest friends and family, as well as give them a chance to express their own thoughts and feelings about such a special day. Not only will it be an enjoyable experience for all your guests, but it will also be the perfect way to record memories that will last a lifetime!

Your MC could ask questions like ‘how did you two meet?’, ‘what’s the best advice you have for the newlyweds?’ or even reminisce about funny stories of past times together.

It will be another meaningful way for your guests to show their connection with you as a couple.

Rent A Bouncy Castle

Yes, you heard it right!

A bouncy castle at your wedding reception can be the perfect way to inject some fun and silliness into your wedding day. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained throughout the night and make sure everyone is having a good time. Heck, the adults may even enjoy it more than the kids!

Plus, you can decorate your castle with lights and flowers to give it a more magical touch. Your guests will definitely be talking about this one!

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Alysha and Ryan’s Wedding, 2020

An Aisle-Exit Kiss

As you are exiting the aisle with your BRAND NEW husband or wife and the confetti or dried petals are falling down on you… why not add to the celebrations even further and have ANOTHER newly-wedded kiss, making for an EPIC photo opportunity.

Think of this: panoramic views, surrounded by the ones you love most, confetti raining down on you both as you skip down the aisle after your first kiss and then… BOOM. He/She dips you for another kiss and what is captured is an unreal moment of your favourite friends and family cheering around you, confetti flying everywhere and the first of many beautiful kisses with the one you chose to share forever with.

Planning a wedding is no easy task; however with these ten tips I hope that I have inspired some unique ideas on how you could personalise your big day and make it truly individualistic!

With these ideas in mind start planning today so you and yours can enjoy every moment leading up to the big day. These ten tips are sure to help any couple planning their dream wedding. From having an MC interview your guests and renting a bouncy castle, to voice recordings and snagging that epic aisle-exit kiss photo op – these ideas will make for a truly unique celebration of love.

Not only do they provide some fun activities for everyone involved, but also create lasting memories that you can look back on fondly in years to come. With all this being said, don’t forget that it is your day – so plan it however best suits you! Good luck with the preparations and congratulations on becoming engaged!


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June 23, 2022

Calligraphy Artist and Engraver, Hayley from Written NZ writes about her business in Eilish Burt Photography's Blog

10 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Truly Unique and Memorable

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